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SIMA International SIMA International is a worldwide group of consultants who use our proprietary assessment technology, SIMA®,
to help our clients make the best possible “people decisions.”

Human beings are very complex. Yet success in any enterprise always comes down to people—working with them, getting them to work together, and working through them to get results. Those are all rather sophisticated challenges. That’s why our expertise is people—specifically people’s behavior. We’re able to show you how to set things up for people to consistently offer their very best.

MCORE The MCORE (Motivational Core) is a narrative tool for self discovery. MCORE is derived from SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), an assessment
process that is profoundly powerful at identifying your unique pattern of motivated behavior. MCORE draws on SIMA® taxonomy and unveils the main part of the SIMA® Pattern, the Central Motivational Themes (CMTs), discovered through over 50 years of empirical research.

The purpose of MCORE is to help identify your unique motivational drives through personal narratives. We have been working with people’s ‘achievement stories’ for over fifty years, stories of people describing activities they have enjoyed doing and believe they have done well. Through thousands of narratives, we have found that there is a unique ‘structure’ in each person’s story, a ‘pattern’ in each person’s achievements.

SIMA® and MCORE utilize a narrative psychology methodology to create a personalized process of discovery that begins by looking at real stories from your life as told in your own words.

MCORE offers a more simple and scalable approach to healthy self-discovery and self-construction that allows organizations of all sizes to utilize its predictive power to maximize the potential of each staff member.

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