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So, what exactly is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of engaging leaders in a collaborative relationship and conversational process that results in levels of growth and performance they would not have achieved on their own through self-directed learning and sustained behavior change. While it typically focuses on growth and change, it is NOT primarily about fixing under-performing leaders. It’s about taking good leaders and making them great, and helping great leaders access and utilize their full abilities.

By believing in them and encouraging responsibility, instead of giving advice, the coach helps a leader clarify and take action toward the growth and change goals that they themselves have set. These may be personal or organizational. A helpful contrast is with mentoring. While a mentor draws on what they have to give from their own experience and expertise, a coach focuses on drawing out what’s already inside the leader being coached, and then maximizing their own insight, gifting and ability.Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

How does Coaching work?

Coaching provides a relational support structure that intentionally fosters growth and change through regular “appointments” with the coach – sometimes in person, more often by phone. Coaching is growing explosively in the corporate / business world, and is also widely used with entrepreneurs, politicians, leaders in not-for-profit / development organizations, professionals and individuals. In all these spheres, coaching has been found to greatly increase leadership effectiveness and development.

Advances in Internet based calling have made possible low-cost or free connections to places that were unreachable by telephone just a few short years ago. This allows coaches to connect with those people even in some pretty remote places. Typically a coach meets with his coachee twice a month. These appointments provide a blend of challenge, encouragement, perspective, support and accountability that helps leaders fulfill their unique potential.

Because it is normally done at a distance, professionally certified coaches with cross-cultural experience and a heart for the people can provide high-quality individualized coaching to multiple people and leaders in several different countries without having all the travel needed to connect in-person.

Which Coaching Package is Right for You?

    Do a simple search for “life purpose” on Google and it will yield over 1 billion hits. Thats right, over 1 billion. That is a pretty strong indicator that there is an intense longing to know one’s life purpose. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What am I supposed to do with my life? Did I really matter? Did I live? Did I love? They’re all good questions and people are searching for answers. Lack of clarity about call, mission, and values can lead to stress, frustration and attrition.

    It is a great journey and process to discover how your design, passions, preparation, calling and life forming experiences that help a person discover deeper insights, greater awareness and the opportunity to live more fully the life they were meant to live. And I strongly believe that living out your life purpose can be powerfully life-changing and can have profound and lasting impact. I say that because that’s what happened to me.

    For a full description and pricing download the Life Purpose & Calling Coaching Brochure

    Do these statements sounds familiar?

    • Which PATH should I CHOOSE…How do I choose WISELY?
    • We want to help our child make the right Career &Educational Choices.
    • I feel a lot of stress.
    • I feel bored or disinterested in my work. My heart isn’t in the job.
    • I am not very productive, and make lot of mistakes.
    • I get into lot of conflicts with my boss and/ or other employees.
    • I slack off a lot and / or take long lunches or overly long breaks.
    • I feel physical symptoms: headaches, loss of sleep, too much sleep, upset stomach, tension, ulcer, weight gain/ loss, Hypertension etc.
    • I feel emotional symptoms: stuck, frustrated, confused, struggling, Anger, depression, sadness, hopelessness, burnout, etc.
    • I wake up Mondays, saying, “Do I have to go to work again?”

    When you are working at a job that doesn’t fit you, you end up hating life. The issue isn’t one of character but of motivation. Because if you’re so unmotivated by your job that you’re finding excuses for not doing it, then that’s a job that doesn’t have your name on it.

    Understand your work values. Maximize your talents. Find the right fit. Align with your design.

    For a full description and pricing download the Career Brochure

    Transitions have the potential to be one of the most significant shaping times in a person’s life. Transitions can also be colored by confusion, discouragement, and restlessness. The support and resources you drawn on during these seasons can make the difference between navigating through transition with purpose and clarity or simply surviving.

    Coaching can provide you with the ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability needed to discover and mine the riches of this prime season while enabling you to move forward.

    For a full description and pricing download the Transitions Brochure

    Whether you are exploring options for the future, thinking through complex business issues, looking for clarity in the moment, want to overcome your limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, confusion, fears or unhealthy stress; whatever the issue could be, the coaching process we use is customized to meet your exact needs to support you on the journey of self awareness, clarity, purpose, confidence, growth, achievement and success. Your coaching sessions will address your professional goals as well as your personal goals. Your life is unlike anyone else’s. That is why you need an approach to coaching that honors the unique design in your life.

    Most executive coaches are trained to focus only on where you are today and where you want to go. They are taught to ignore whatever has made you who you are today. In contrast, we believe your individual development as a leader has been orchestrated through your unique design that has been manifesting itself over many years again over again. Harvesting the wisdom you have gained so far is a critical component of determining what could be next for you.

    This approach to leadership development is grounded in over 50 years of research with leaders. It draws upon research findings from over 1,50,000 case studies of historical and contemporary leaders who have achieved a fulfilled life. The research behind his approach, which was conducted by Arthur F. Miller Jr. and others.

    For a full description and pricing download the Executive Brochure

    No matter what your goal, whether personal, family or work related; the custom coaching package allows you and your coach to define your individualized change goal and develop an action plan to help you achieve it. Your goal is up to you: perhaps you would like to work on personal goals such as developing a more healthy lifestyle in order to finish well, a more consistent devotional life, or better parenting skills. Or you may choose to focus on increasing your effectiveness as a leader, working with your team, or widening the scope of your role or responsibilities. Whatever your goal, your coach will partner with you in helping you carefully define your objectives, and plan a series of action steps to achieve them.

    For a full description and pricing download the Custom Brochure

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